The University of Georgia is committed to serving communities across the state and supporting local economies. We promote economic vitality, civic engagement and community health through programs and units operating statewide.

This commitment has generated a $6.5 billion annual impact on the state’s economy – and that’s not all. University programs and research have helped launch more than 175 companies and introduced more than 775 new products to the market, making UGA a top 5 U.S. university for new products. UGA also has been named a top 10 university for licenses and options for the 12th consecutive year, earning more than $11 million in licensing revenue in 2019 alone. The best part? We’re just getting started.

See UGA’s economic impact in your community

As a land-grant and sea-grant institution, the University of Georgia is committed to the economic vitality of our state, generating a $6.5 billion annual impact on Georgia’s economy. The impact map showcases UGA’s economic contribution, outreach, alumni networks and student enrollment in every Georgia county, legislative district and service delivery region.

  • $6.5 billion annual economic impact
  • 215,527 UGA alumni in Georgia
  • 33,170 students enrolled in 2020–2021

Take advantage of statewide resources

The University of Georgia leverages a vast, statewide network of resources to drive economic development; create innovative technology that lays the foundation for new companies and makes existing organizations more profitable; prepare students to be leaders; and provide training that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive.

See our students and alumni in action

UGA’s significant economic impact also is driven by the success of our students and alumni, who serve all corners of Georgia. Named the #16 Best Public University by the U.S. News & World Report (2021), UGA provides outstanding instruction and offers degree and certificate programs that prepare students to meet the ever-changing needs of Georgia’s economy. Our graduates are distinguished by their intellect, teamwork and hands-on, real-world learning experiences gained through an abundance of internship and service-learning opportunities.