The University of Georgia is proud to support and partner with communities across the state and beyond. From our dedicated faculty, staff and students regularly working side-by-side with Georgians, to our programs and initiatives expanding to meet the needs of every kind of community, UGA helps strengthen and sustain counties and municipalities from the mountains to the coast.

By improving access to education and workforce development, developing innovative leaders, spurring downtown renovation, supporting community health and safety and engaging with our neighbors near and far, we’re committed to the vitality of the state and its residents.

The success stories and resources listed here will help you find the right UGA program or service to benefit your community. To learn more about UGA’s relationship with the Athens community and to find local resources, visit

See how we’re helping develop community leaders

UGA is committed to leadership training for youth, nonprofits and civic groups, while also offering continuing education to local and state government officials. UGA’s division of Public Service and Outreach offers programs that empower K-12 school administrators, school boards, adults and youth with knowledge and skills to help build a pipeline of leaders and ensure a community’s longevity.

Learn how UGA can help strengthen your community

As the state’s land-grant and sea-grant institution, UGA has a responsibility to make its vast resources available to communities throughout Georgia to address locally-identified challenges and to help all Georgians prosper.

Helping to create jobs, develop leaders and address challenges are the critical components of the day-to-day work of PSO faculty and staff. From strengthening a community’s workforce, to sprucing up a downtown, to helping county commissions and city councils work more effectively and efficiently, UGA is an economic engine for all of Georgia, from the smallest towns to the largest urban centers.

Explore UGA’s commitment to coastal Georgia

UGA experts are available to help mitigate flooding issues created by severe storms, analyze potential for property loss due to sea level rise, ensure good water quality, protect the seafood industry and help you find fresh Georgia seafood.

See how UGA is supporting communities during COVID-19

The global pandemic brought about new ways of working and living, creating challenges we never imagined. And in response, the University of Georgia community pulled together to support each other and our neighbors across the state.

By providing meals and fresh produce to food-insecure residents, guiding small businesses through loan applications, helping government offices project their post-pandemic finances, to offering continuing education courses at no cost, and more, UGA is helping Georgians recover and push forward.

Communities Connection

The mission of the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, accomplished through its eight individual units, is to create jobs, develop leaders and help Georgians address the challenges facing their communities.

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Public Service and Outreach

UGA’s Impact in Your Area

The University of Georgia has a $7.4B economic impact on the state of Georgia. Find out how we’re making a difference in your local community.

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